We train BPE with a vocabulary size of 10,000 tokens on top of raw HTML data. Give your new key a title and then paste the new generated SSH key you copied before. The changes you push will only be allowed when they keys match. You can now type in the following command to see all the SSH keys you have on your local machine: You should then get something similar to this: You should be able to see your new SSH key file. 08 14 13 12 09 03 01 15 07 05 11 10 02 04 06 250 cm 200 cm 150 cm 100 cm 50 cm 0 cm Percent Missing 0 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1 Real data are often sprinkled with missing values ! The beauty of BPE is that it automatically separates HTML keywords such as “tag”, “script”, “div” into individual tokens even though these tags are mostly written with brackets in an HTML file e.g ,