Larry Garza

Larry Garza
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Larry Garza is a comedian based out of Texas and a founding member of the award winning sketch group Comedia A Go-Go.

Garza, is the 2016 Funniest in South Texas winner, plus a Funniest in Texas and World Series of Comedy finalist. He was diagnosed with Stage IV Cancer May of 2016 and has undergone multiple surgeries after the disease spread to his lung, then to his brain later that year.

Whether drawing from his Latino roots growing up in San Antonio or expounding upon his love of metal, pop culture, and horror movies, Larry Garza is a fearless and versatile performer living every day by these words:

“Know your audience, adapt, and never give up. A writer writes, an actor acts, and a comedian never stops being funny.”

His comedy special “Big Mama God and the Hazel-Eyed Monster” is available at