Oct 25
"Industry" Showcase
with Glenn Rose
October 25 | Fri 11p | $5 | 18+ BUY TICKETS HERE Our Industry Showcase brings "top" industry representatives from all over the city to see some of Austin’s new rising comics. Maybe you’ll see... more...
Nov 1 / Nov 2
Andrew Murphy
with Bradley Oesch
November 1/2 | Fri 9p | Sat 9&11p | $10 | 18+ BUY TICKETS HERE Andrew Murphy has been a crowd favorite in the Austin comedy scene since he moved here from New York in 2011. He’s been featured on... more...
Nov 1
Glow Show
with Joey Z
November 1 | Fri 11p | $10 | 18+ BUY TICKETS HERE Austin based comedian Joey Z brings his trippy glow in the dark themed comedy event GLOW SHOW to The Velveeta Room for one night only. Pre show... more...
Nov 8 / Nov 9
Caleb Synan
with Angelina Martin!
November 8/9 | Fri 9p | Sat 9&11p | $10 | 18+ BUY TICKETS HERE Caleb Synan is one of the hottest young comics in the country. (Funny AND good looking!) His unique background as a preacher’s kid... more...
Nov 8
Vanilla Presley
with Pat Sirois and Lane Krarup!
November 8 | Fri 11p | $10 | 18+ BUY TICKETS HERE Recently featured on NBC, Vanilla Presley is performing for one night only at The Velv! Vanilla Presley is a comedic rap duo comprised of Austin,... more...
Nov 15 / Nov 16
Stephen Agyei
with Elizabeth Spears
November 15/16 | Fri 9p | Sat 9&11p | $10 | 18+ BUY TICKETS HERE Stephen Agyei is a Stand-Up Comedian, Actor and writer who hails from Denver, CO. Noted for having the whitest teeth in Denver,... more...
Nov 22
Houston Comedy Invasion
with Zahid Dewji
November 22 | Fri 11p | $10 | 18+ BUY TICKETS HERE Zahid Dewji hosts an evening with some of Houston's top comics! Featuring Dusti Rhodes, Albert DeLeon, Drew Halloway, and more! more...
Nov 22 / Nov 23
Rob Haze
with Ashley Overton
November 22/23 | Fri 9p | Sat 9&11p | $10 | 18+ BUY TICKETS HERE Rob Haze is a comedian from Atlanta, Georgia currently living in Brooklyn, NY. He can be seen on The Tonight Show with Jimmy... more...
Nov 29 / Nov 30
Larry Garza
and friends!
November 29/30 | Fri 9p | Sat 9&11p | $10 | 18+ BUY TICKETS HERE Larry Garza is a comedian based out of Texas and a founding member of the award winning sketch group Comedia A Go-Go. Garza, is... more...
Nov 29
Black Stars
with Casey Stewart!
November 29 | Fri 11p | $10 | 18+ BUY TICKETS HERE The Velveeta Room presents Black Stars, inspired by Mos Def and Talib Tweli critically acclaimed album Black Star. We bring you an All-Black stand-... more...
Dec 6
The Banter Show
with Mac & Ximena Blake!
December 6 | Fri 11p | $10 | 18+ BUY TICKETS HERE We're doing a Banter Show reunion show for one night only! Hosts Mac & Ximena Blake invite pairs of comedians to entertain armed with only their... more...