Sep 20 / Sep 21
Chris Cubas
with Roxy Castillo
September 20/21 | Fri 9p&11p | Sat 9p | $10 | 18+ BUY TICKETS HERE Hi! I'm Chris Cubas and I'm a stand up comedian based out of Austin, TX. You might know me from my multiple appearances on... more...
Sep 27 / Sep 28
Yedoye Travis
with Enzo Priesnitz
September 27/28 | Fri 9p | Sat 9&11p | $10 | 18+ BUY TICKETS HERE Yedoye Travis is a stand up comedian, actor, and writer from Atlanta, GA. He is the creator and host of the Dark Tank podcast,... more...
Sep 27
JFL: Joey Ficken Live
with Joey Ficken!
September 27 | Fri 11p | $5 | 18+ BUY TICKETS HERE Your new favorite late night comedy show has arrived! Joey Ficken Live is a late night talk show that features performances by Austin's finest... more...
Oct 4
Andy Andrist
One Night Only!
October 4 | Fri 9&11p | $10 | 18+ BUY TICKETS HERE Andy Andrist draws his remarkable comedic courage from the same place he extracts his unique world view: Straight out of another bottle of... more...
Oct 11
Elizabeth Spears and Josh Cabaza
with Andrew Wagner
October 11 | Fri 9&11p | $10 | 18+ BUY TICKETS HERE For one night only, two of our favorite Texas comics co-headline! Elizabeth Spears is a stand-up comedian from Austin, Texas. Her... more...
Oct 18 / Oct 19
George Anthony
with Scott Sticker
October 18/19 | Fri 9p | Sat 9&11p | $10 | 18+ BUY TICKETS HERE Based in Austin, TX, George's comedy is best described as smart, controversial, and also the classic "why women always want the... more...
Oct 25 / Oct 26
Emma Arnold
with Brandi Davis
October 25/26 | Fri 9p | Sat 9&11p | $10 | 18+ BUY TICKETS HERE Emma Arnold is America's fiercest sweetheart. Equal parts outrageous and thoughtful, her standup comedy is engaging, honest, and... more...
Oct 25
"Industry" Showcase
with Glenn Rose
October 25 | Fri 11p | $5 | 18+ BUY TICKETS HERE Our Industry Showcase brings "top" industry representatives from all over the city to see some of Austin’s new rising comics. Maybe you’ll see... more...