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it's not that serious Saturday, August 11,  9:30 & 11:30PM
For you, $5.

Jimmie Roulette
with Sean Mooney
and Roxy Castillo

When you mention the name Jimmie Roulette, words come to mind such as charismatic, fast paced, energetic -all can be summed up as impressive. He is not a standard comedian, using stereotypical, bottom dollar jokes to get laughs. Roulette's comedy crosses all boundaries - age, race, gender, it has no limits. Whether he's working with polished material or living in the moment, he is a definite crowd pleaser.

In a world of fast rising stars and "the next big thing" he is a performer with an honest ability to entertain. Jimmie has performed on Comedy Central's Premium Blend, and the prestigious HBO Comedy Festival in Las Vegas. He has worked with many of comedy's favorites like Wanda Sykes, Larry the Cable Guy, Dave Chappelle, and Ron White. When not on the road Jimmie has distinguished himself as a major fixture on the Austin comedy scene. He has actually proven that it doesn't have to make sense - sometimes it's just funny.

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