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Ryan Cownie Saturday, July 28,  9:30 & 11:30pm
For you, $5

Ryan Cownie
with Bob Khosravi
Eric Sprague
and Graham Foster

A rising star with strong roots to Southern Iowa, Ryan Cownie brings to the stage his "A" game. His high school teachers would tell you that "it's about time Ryan got an A." Well we're glad he has found the comedy business because this kid is halarious. He broke into the scene in 2006 but already you can see the potential in him. He has performed on stages all across the US while touring to New York and Canada on his "Almost Famous" comedy tour. He continues to leave comedy clubs, bars, and theatres satisfied with his quick wit and "out of the box" jokes. Ryan is quickly making a name for himself so keep your eyes open and your funny bones intact because you're sure to have a good time when he hits the stage.

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