Approaches and descents to the Ridge take a total of 6 hours. Based in the Manchester area, he had access to a variety of rock climbing centres in the north of England and Wales. The only exception to this is if you are incredibly fit and booking on a 1:1 basis. Cuillin Ridge - Topo-Guide. Introduction to the Skye Cuillin Ridge Summits. It uses cunning and knowledge to take the easiest line, hard climbs are bypassed and the bar of necessary experience and skills is lowered. Chances of success are highest on a 1:1 basis. On 4-day courses a day of assessment to work out who is suitable for making an attempt is needed. The centre of the island is dominated by the Skye Cuillin Ridge which provides some of the most dramatic mountain scenery in … Cuillin Ridge Traverse Strategies, advice, detailed topo booklet and 10 classic scrambles by Adrian Trendall About the Author Adrian is a mountain guide and photographer living on Skye. A Munro is a Scottish Mountain with a summit height of at least 914m. The Black Cuillin of Skye offer a unique experience of scrambling and climbing, with the Cuillin Ridge Traverse being one of the most prized and sought-after mountaineering outings in the UK.But if you'd rather not go for the full traverse there are endless options for day hits to the ridge, including Munro bagging, scrambling, rock climbing and the famous Inaccessible Pinnacle. There is then 12km of continuous scrambling mostly along a narrow crest with concentration required on every step. This two-volume guidebook provides detailed coverage of the iconic Cuillin Ridge, a 12km traverse on the Isle of Skye. Our pricing is structured so that clients get a refund if the weather is not suitable. A full traverse of the Isle of Skye’s Cuillin Ridge is rightly regarded as the UK’s most challenging mountain route. Our pricing system means that clients will only pay the premium for attempting this challenge if weather conditions are suitable. A 4 day event of guided hiking, rock-scrambling on the Skye Cuillin ridge with one of our experienced and qualified guides. The Isle of Skye with it’s Cuillin Ridge are one of the highlights of Scotland and present some of the finests mountaineering challenges in the UK. A successful Traverse attempt is always the focus of the week. With 11 Munros on the 11 km ridge and outstanding views out to sea this is certainly a unique place worth experiencing. Synergy Guides are a compact team of passionate climbers and mountaineers. This has worked well in the past with all party members enjoying a bivouac together. We are flexible enough to allow a course upgrade to a Traverse attempt if conditions turn out to be suitable. p: (00) +44 (0)1471 822 116 The Skye Cuillin Ridge Summits trek is 4 intensive days of walking and scrambling on the 11 Skye Munros found on The Black Cuillin Ridge. For the latest reviews - including extra photos and kit that won't appear online - pick up a copy of the current issue of Trail magazine! The Cuillin Ridge Traverse is the most famous mountaineering expedition in Britain. The situation is subject to changes in advice by the Scottish government and we are offering a full refund or an opportunity to postpone if your booking is affected by Covid – 19. Rock n Ridge runs a number of the most requested Cuillin Ridge trips and uses experienced, friendly and knowledgeable Mountain Guides for your trip. Climber, Mountain Leader, photographer and author of Skye’s Cuillin Ridge Traverse, Adrian Trendall lives at the foot of the Cuillin and has made it his job to get to know the ridge intimately. Company Number: LP003328 Registered Office: Academic House, 24-28 Oval Road, London, NW1 7DT. Whilst a must for any competent hill walker or climber, route finding on the ridge can be difficult and having an experienced Skye Cuillin mountain guide allows you to fully experience the Cuillin Ridge … We have two self catering cottages in the small village of Luib 7 miles north of Broadford and all rooms at our bunkhouse, Skye Basecamp, will have either en suite facilities or a private bathroom allocated to your room and the self catering kitchen will be operational. The guide Skyes’s Cuillin Ridge Traverse comprises two separate parts; two books. These alternatives give great climbing in less than ideal weather. The difficulty of the ridge and complexity of route-finding makes the use of a guide a good idea, especially if you're short on time or knowledge. Skye Guides’ stated aim on any Traverse attempt is to consider the far end of the Ridge (whether travelling south to north, or north to south) as the summit. However, the hourly rate for this product remains considerably lower than on all of our other courses. 4.4 out of 5 stars 6. T he famous Cullin Ridge on the Isle of Skye is perhaps the most sought-after mountaineering challenge in the UK. Which portable power device should I buy? In this regular feature from the brand ("British mountain guides")], Mike Pescod from Abacus Mountainguides shows us the classic UK outing of The Cullin Ridge. There is a great deal of preparation involved in making a successful Traverse and every effort is made to help clients; from training to equipment. A handful of short rock climbs are encountered along the route but these are not a problem compared to the physical and mental effort required. →. Rock Climbing The Cuilllin Ridge Traverse is the UK's most challenging mountaineering trip. This takes approximately 9-15 hours to complete in ideal weather conditions. This takes approximately 9-15 hours to complete in ideal weather conditions. And consider yourself to fall into our silver and preferably gold category of fitness. Completing the challenge in a single day is beyond the majority of aspirants so Skye Guides use an overnight bivouac to greatly enhance the chances of success. Success is considered as reaching the summit by whatever route is necessary given the constraints of weather, fitness and safety. All registered in England and Wales. The Skye Cuillin Ridge is a mountaineers playground, with so much rock and so much choice you could spend days scrambling or climbing around in the many coires of the Skye Black Cuillin. Scene settingWide landscape photographs work alongside the Harvey Maps to show a visual representation of the ridge and the mountains, again including annotated advice and options, making the route-finding process more simple. The views from the main Black Cuillin ridge are truly magnificent and enhanced by the sea of the Inner Hebrides. The best ever guidebook for Skye's Cuillin Ridge traverse? There are 11 Munro tops on the Cuillin Ridge, and this is one place where people feel that hiring a mountain Guide to take them across the Cuillins is essential. Cuillin Ridge Guide The Isle of Skye has a very special magic all of its own. Any number of variations are possible but an ideal Traverse will deviate from the crest of the Ridge as little as possible. With over 13,000ft of ascent across complex, exposed and … The saw-toothed chain of dark peaks that form ridge can be confusing and bewildering to navigate, so it’d require something pretty special from a guidebook … by Tom Prentice | 12 May 2020. If you like to gamble, enjoy suffering and have good knowledge about the ridge then a one-day traverse is the way. Our priority is very much to safeguard the health of our guests, staff and the local population of Skye. The Cuillin Ridge Traverse is a magnificent climb following a continuous 12km ridge crest from one end to the other. Forty-five annotated photo topo-diagrams show the Cuillin Ridge in good detail, highlighting the best route for tackling the UK's premier mountain challenge. The obvious times are from May to September and cross your fingers tha… It requires all the same mountaineering skills and dry rock to move at a suitable speed. A Cuillin Ridge Traverse is a premium product and prices reflect this. 1:2 is a safe and practical ratio if both clients are of equal fitness. Our booking process will include suggestions on good practices during your visit. The words above may read familiar to those who have attempted the Cuillin traverse. There is then 12km of continuous scrambling mostly along a narrow crest with concentration required on every step. A Skye Cuillin Ridge Traverse is considered to be one of the greatest routes in the country. Skye Basecamp is in the heart of  Broadford & will be home to our guides over the summer months. We don’t have set dates for joining groups, we believe you receive the best experience by having your own tailored day in the mountains. A lightweight second guidebook gives the scrambler detailed maps, topos and route description for the ridge traverse itself. Strategy, gear, training, navigation and logistics are covered, and 10 classic scrambles are described. But translating first-hand knowledge and experience into a form that helps others make use of it isn’t always easy. Book your Inaccessible Pinnacle Guide to safely guide you to the summit of this narrow and imposing summit. Wet rocks and high winds make the route unjustifiable if not impossible. See suitability and vetting paragraph in the main Cuillin Ridge page The Cuillin Ridge Traverse. Skye's Cuillin Ridge Traverse. Click hereto find out more. Justification for this anomaly is that, when conditions are suitable, our guides love the challenge of guiding the best alpine climb in Britain. Gerry Akroyd (Head Guide) Gerry started climbing at the age 16. The rest of the course is never wasted with time spent on a suitable mix of training climbs, scrambling … It is an alpine-style route unlike anything else in the UK but it should not be your first ambition in the Cuillin unless you are a highly competent mountaineer. If conditions aren’t suitable then the individual days will be enjoyed and used to prepare for a future attempt. As you’ll be predominantly walking (although with a rope) on tight rope edges, in possibly rain, wind and drizzle. To have more chance of success and to enjoy the experience then a two-day exped is recommended. Accommodation should be your first priority before arranging guided days. Over two volumes, this guide covers everything needed to prepare for and complete a successful traverse over this spectacular ridge. Of course, there is the British classic of the full Skye Cuillin Ridge traverse too, Britain's longest mountaineering route and a must-do for any mountaineer or climber. Bauer Media Group consists of: Bauer Consumer Media Ltd, Company number: 01176085, Bauer Radio Ltd, Company Number: 1394141 Your guide will know the ridge extremely well and will also be able to give you insight into the flora, fauna and geology. The topos also offer A handful of short rock climbs are encountered along the route but these are not a problem compared to the physical and mental effort required. This narrow peak sits on the summit of Sgurr Dearg and is a graded rock climb. Comprised mainly of hard, rough gabbro rock and smoother basalt the ridge was sculpted into its current form by glacial activity and subsequent weathering over the millennia, which created the unique jagged character of the Ridge. 845898), Privacy & Cookies Policy | Privacy Settings | Terms & Conditions | Competition Terms & Conditions | Complaints. These are perhaps the highlight of the lighter on-the-ridge book. Approaches and descents to the Ridge take a total of 6 hours. The Red Cuillin are mainly made up of granite which was less resistant to the glaciers than gabbro, hence the rounded appearance of the hills. On this 4-day adventure I invite you to explore this fantastic alpine route which has 12 km of length, 3000 m ascent and 11 Munros! It is incomparable to anything else found on the mainland and is a much sought after prize for mountaineers. For larger groups bespoke arrangements can be made. There are 282 Munros in Scotland, and many agree that these 11 are perhaps the hardest. A guided traverse of the Cuillin Ridge is not possible in poor weather conditions because the levels of danger and physical and mental effort are too high to justify. For 2-day attempts this involves using more than one guide. Although the Traverse is the most famous Cuillin route it is only one of many similar quality climbs available. Join us for our guided traverse of the Skye Cuillin Ridge, one of the most sought-after and memorable mountaineering challenges in the UK. Please contact us directly by e-mail to to discuss your situation. CUILLIN RIDGE GUIDES The Isle of Skye is the largest island of the Inner Hebrides; it is situated off the West coast of Scotland and accessed via the Skye bridge at the Kyle of Lochalsh. H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the FCA (Ref No. Our Skye guides know these mountains like the back of their hands. A concise, lightweight and pocket-sized, topo-guide to Skye's Cuillin Ridge. Next you need to decide when you are going to do it. The Cuilllin Ridge on Skye is the UK's most challenging mountain range. ... before progressing to the main ridge of the Cuillin. Registered Office: Media House, Peterborough Business Park, Lynch Wood, Peterborough, PE2 6EA H Bauer Publishing, If conditions aren’t suitable to make an attempt throughout your course less demanding outings will be made each day and a refund is given that brings the cost back to our normal daily rates. The longer your stay the greater your chances of a suitable weather window. With over 13,000ft of ascent across complex, exposed and testing terrain, this ridge requires respect, a cool head, a high level of fitness and favourable conditions to have our best chance of success. To have every chance of success, we require you to have experience in hill walking and scrambling. If you want to discuss an idea please Contact us to talk ideas through. An overnight bivouac is normally required, so more than 30 hours are usually spent in the mountains. VAT no 918 5617 01 A full traverse of the Isle of Skye’s Cuillin Ridge is rightly regarded as the UK’s most challenging mountain route.

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