embodied the spirit of this dedication. what are they doing oh my god (this is a building in Brazil). Of Dema's nine bishops, Keos(?) Rossignol : Snowboard Freestyle/All-Mountain - Homme - Trickstick AF - Rossignol - 2020/2021. If you look at the letter itself, you can see that some letters in the note are missing. I should also add that the updates to the website seem to correlate to the lyrics found in the eye tweets. Ill try to get as much as i can in this update. My bad. 011 07MOON 08 . they don't control you. when the yellow numbers are unscrabbled, the letters on the clancy page spell out "trench". (7/1/2018 2:25pm CDT) Update-54: Two things have been added to http://dmaorg.info/found/15398642_14/clancy.html page: -GIF of vulture turning its head to the camera. (7/18/2018 9:29 PM CDT) Update-77: /u/unofficialtop said (this in the comments)[https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/463868659064897568/469329808329932800/unknown.png?width=766&height=192]. (4/22/2018 3:14pm CDT) Update-30: This channel is fake until further notice. -Jumpsuit is a part two to HDS, and also documents Clancy's escape in it's video. on 4/20/2018 the link http://dmaorg.info/found/15398642_14/clancy.html was added to the end of the gif on this website http://store.twentyonepilots.com/vessel.html, *"404 ER_ROR you are in violation. (4/22/2018 3:05pm CDT) Update-29: The violation code lines up with the songs that are on the blurryface album art. Its very possible the website is being updated right now due to it being down. Doesn't really mean anything but I do not doubt that later down the line there's gonna be some e-mail thing related to the website. Thank you! Finally, the file name translates to August 3rd 2018 at 5:14. We all worked to represent our bishop with honnor, and knew that each inhabitant of our region had a like-minded dedication to consistency. It's this quiet wonder that my mind tends to [g]ets lost in. 280 votes, 87 comments. Now Going there just gives you the same error code http://dmaorg.info gives you. the compaSs lies. I must admit that it is strange, their Customs and Rituals are very interesting to me. was reserved as unwavering and forthright, possessing the ability to achieve focus that was rare for most in our region. get out. Mini Spares stock over 9000 Classic Mini parts and accessories. no one can know. WE ARE COMING UP WITH ANSWERS ON THE SPOT AT THE OFFICIAL TØP DISCORD SERVER! get out. why is NATN before Jumpsuit in the playlist? *, if you turn the map so that east is up, the order of the circles in the middle change, we found out the names of the circles correspond to lyics on Blurryface. sev_ering__tiez Sailor Moon. It immediately changed to "3lurr.gif". There was a wonderful structure to the city that put my cares to rest. Vente en ligne d'accessoires de sport et d'activites d'exterieur (en ville et montagne) : ski, snowboard, randonnee, roller et skateboard. (7/6/2018 10:28PM CDT) Update-68: YO THIS GIF WAS POSTED. (4/21/2018 5:45pm CDT) Update-8: West wall is blocked, east is up. they don't control you. Yellow tape is covering the email sign up on the website, yellow tape is covering all of the "silence" banners, but for some reason doesnt cover the "E", 2_1_2, the picture of the dead body's title, However-dont go to wild-this radio station straight up said new music comes out Thursday lmfao. These guys “mathematically proved God is real”... (4/21/2018 7:50pm CDT) Update-17: Vipie on discord (literally the coolest mf dude) found two really interesting things about the map: The second grouping in the map only has 8 columns rather than 9 like the rest do, (4/21/2018 7:57pm CDT) Update-18: the self titled image is flightless birds on the tower of silence, (4/21/2018 7:57pm CDT) Update-19: The website has gone down to what most of the Discord believes is overwhelming traffic the page is gaining. (7/8/2018 2:15PM CDT) Update-70: soooo the picture is straight up a dead body lol. HOWEVER. After this, we see the torch gif dmaorg in context as it represents the banditos escapjng dema. Il… you can never tell anyone about thiS -- for The sake of the others' survIval, you muSt keep this silent. Opinions sur le numéro de téléphone 0176977613 : J'ai bloqué ce numéro depuis plusieurs semaines mais continue d'appeler plusieurs fois par jour. I downloaded both of the videos, and their titles were really weird. After countless days of searching both my soul, my mind, and my surroundings I arrived in Trench. The eye opened more. The letters when put together spell "UNSTILLIDONTCKNOWOHISNREALINAMECDOOU?". While we had heard legend of the ruthlessness of other bishops, Keos(?) Luc AMOND jeudi 9 octobre 2014 à 07:33. |-/, (7/3/2018 4:26PM CDT) Update-59: The dmaorg.info link has been added back the vessel gif on the TOP store page. (4/21/2018 5:48pm CDT) Update-9: @decafhotchocolate#1274 on discord aka riley was lit enough to type out the letter on the website. the comPass lies. Only thing here that leaves me scratching my head is me wondering when this was quoted from? (4/22/2018 3:20pm CDT) Update-32: "Doubt"s relevancy. it was a bishop. Under the image it says "__n_ot_myo_nly_fri_en d". (4/22/2018 10:41am CDT) Update-28: Known this for a while but finally put it all together. The first four seasons were dubbed and released in North America by DIC Entertainment (now DHX Media) and Cloverway. Nulla urna odio, semper eget volutpat in, egestas eget enim. @Ⱥsɏmmɇŧɍɨȼ#1922 on Discord gave us a good graphic to document the images we have so far. Check out what’s new and known issues for this version of Firefox below. Ce numéro a été consulté 6 fois hier et 2 fois aujourd'hui. To the discord guys, you're great too. http://nicoandtheniners.com/ doesnt have these dots. Knew this for a while but forgot to point it out! Do you know what else is a warning for violating that code number? HOWEVER, if you want to be notified immediately when there is a change to dmaorg along with other major TOP updates, check out, More posts from the twentyonepilots community. Read *013 01MOON 08 from the story Sahlo Folina by EkaFricai (Eur-Eka !) Edit: 5/10/2018 12:50 pm CST: Date has been changed to 017 07MOON 07 However, i will keep update this thread as more info comes out. To refer to Dema as m(y) home has never felt accurate. 89 internautes ont laissé leur avis sur la ligne +33176430916. Blurryface representing Blurryface and being the bishop that lines with their biggest song makes a whole lot of sense... (7/26/2018 12:11pm CDT) Update-78: Nico and the Niners has gotten a video.. Known this for a while but finally put it all together. CLICK HERE TO MAKE AN ACCOUNT AND JOIN! the ends of all the lines on the finally clancy message points to letters that spell out "WAKE UP", https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/463868659064897568/464995565164298240/they_ca_ntseeFCE300.gif. they don't control you. [T]here was a romant[i]c ownership of the p[l]ace they inhabited that I admired, but cou[l]d never relate to. The compartment he has destroyed was one of his insecurities, and afterwards in the song, all of the other anxieties come up and try to defeat him, leading him running away and seeking help from a friend. Not sure what it means though, if anything... (4/24/2018 8:21pm CDT) Update-39: Many artists related to the band have been tweeting out very suspicious art and animations. still possible that clancy is going to be revealed as apart of the skeleton clique later on. -@drummerdoug54 on twitter did a pretty cool inspection of what the heck is goin on in the last tweet. were looking at the website on the wayback machine, (4/21/2018 8:48pm CDT) Update-20: With the website down I think we have figured out everything we can today. Maybe whoever isnt supposed to know we were snooping around. Thi[s] place, my p[l]ace, however, s[e]ems devoid of the romance and wond[e]r that the old stories tell. but this raises even more questions, why does the dmaorg make the “diversion” out to be before jumpsuit? What does it mean? UPDATE-52 EDIT/NOTES: To prove that "trench" is intended to match up the numbers in the link, https://dmaorg.info/found/trench/clancy.html also leads us to the same audio file instead of an error code. ‎---- (4/21/2018 6:46pm CDT) Update-14: [removed] (4/21/2018 7:00pm CDT) Update-15 Quadrant circles VS Blurryface. Next, if you rotate it so that EASTISUP and overlay it onto the map, and draw a line through the notch and the center, it goes perfectly through the SACARVER DST. The new album is amazing and the My Blood music video. joshdun, clancy, diary. 988 12MOON 01. UPDATE-49 EDIT/NOTES: It seems like the lyrics matching the closing eye does indeed match the dmaorg updates, as "__n_ot_myo_nly_fri_en d" corrilates with truce. S'agit-il d'une arnaque ou d'un numéro surtaxé ? it honestly drags the second season of 13rw for using "Awareness" as its main thing without facing criticism thrown towards 13rw. Might not be anything to this theory, but I thought it would be interesting to put up here because the thread is pretty dead and there's not a lot up about the song. ("I have killed a man and all I know / Is I am on the run and go" ... "But tonight, I'll need you to stay.". (7/5/2018 4:31PM CDT) Update-63: HOLY SHIT OKAY a lot is happening now. (4/24/2018 7:11pm CDT) Update-40: Credit to u/Noxheda for first discovering this! (4/24/2018 8:21pm CDT) Update-38: Apparently yesterday evening the Blurryface account deactivated then reactivated. 017 07MOON 17 __n_ot_myo_nly_fri_en d. 017 07MOON 16. This letter, in short, describes what had happened in the Jumpsuit videos. they don't control yoU.get out. Credit to poot for this discovery/edit (ily poot). the compass lIeS. The North Face : Polaire en Polartec - Homme - Glacier Pro - The North Face - Automne-Hiver 2020/2021. ‎ Dema, t(o) me, has always been the place that I’ve existed, or, the ‘slot’ they’ve put me in. I pointed it out on the MEGATHREAD and 5 minutes later it was changed back. I wanna hear everyone theories and what they found in the new songs!! Sailor Moon, known in Japan as Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, is an anime series adapted from the manga series of the title by Naoko Takeuchi.The series was directed by Junichi Sato, Kunihiko Ikuhara and Takuya Igarashi and produced by TV Asahi and Toei Animation. The Clancy letter is much different from the rest, and very much seems like it implies were getting a return within the next few hours. Bring this thread back to life people! Another tweet was made. https://m.imgur.com/N9dgFHY (credit to /u/inspiredlikearabbit). As Sailor Moon Usagi must fight evils and enforce ju. See ya on the other side of release. they don't control you. imho, Neon Gravestones is a diss towards the show for not portraying suicide well enough and making suicide a revenge plot. This is actually two messages put together. )[http://dmaorg.info/found/15398642_14/img/b93e952c0f07/unalone.gif] The letter is titled "unalone" with the date "018 07MOON 18", which signifies today. all we need to know is that "Nico and the Niners" and "Jumpsuit" are pretty likely to be real and coming VERY soon. The eye opened more. (4/30/2018 8:11pm CDT) Update-43: About 3-4 hours ago, the gif on the vessel store page has removed the link to http://dmaorg.info/found/15398642_14/clancy.html that was at the end. Le numéro 01 70 21 08 24 possède un indice de confiance de 17%.L'indice de confiance est très faible, ne répondez pas à cet appel, ou ne communiquez pas avec ce numéro. Once a task was taught and understood, we delighted in our ability to complete our obligations timely, and felt secure in knowing tomorrow's duties would be accomplished with the same efficiency. In My Blood, which is LITERALLY CALLED MY BLOOD, Tyler's OWN blood spilled, he is talking about using the strength he has procured through battling his own insecurities into helping US fight our own. There's so much to discuss. its actually gone now, but the links themselves are still up... what yall doin smh STOP PLAYIN WITH US PLS THANKS. Bonjour. stay alive, stay street, stay theorizing, goodnight, As of 4/21/2018 TOP has given us something related to the new era, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Yes, this megathread will likely be returned to if an update to dmaorg or the TRENCH arg happens. 017 02MOON 12. (4/21/2018 6:20pm CDT) Update-12: Each of the names is lyrics in the songs the dots correspond to if you turn the compass picture to the left. They don't control you. Doesn't have anything new on the surface. Or it could just be a cool effect they decided to use? I would like to DECONFIRM what i said in Update-63. On top of this, the letters that correspond with the numbers that are circled in yellow highlighter on the Clancy letter after overlaying the two new images, you gen the word "END". "018 07MOON 01" is listed with the vulture (that is todays date) and its file name is "i.gif", -letter from clancy listed with "018 07MOON 01" (also todays date) and its file name is "e_sr__eve_r.jpg", (7/1/2018 2:33PM CDT) Update-55: A 3rd image has been added if you scroll farther down. He also states that the "west is blocked up". Are they really still recording the album? Please, dear Clique, bring this wonderful thread back to life. At 5:50 PM on Saturday the website went down then back up. the compass lIeS. Website was FOUND, as in /found in the url. Was any significance found for those subfolders? SLOWtown - Wouldnt it be great if... etc. This is his first action on social media since the hiatus. This may be completely unrelated but its been a min but: The Few, the Proud, the Emotional = FPE=Failed perimeter escape (? Yo, this is subtle!!! (7/1/2018 2:38PM CDT) Update-56: [REMOVED], (7/1/2018 2:41PM CDT) Update-57: @itsjohnsantana on twitter found the green highlight marks match up to the word "TRENCH" when unscrambled. (4/23/2018 8:08pm CDT) Update-34: Also want to mention that This post is the most upvoted post in the Subreddit's all time history and it means a lot. The spotify icon has changed from that... painfully common picture from the BF era to the new logo! I've heard stories abo[u]t the ide[a] of "home," and its depiction has always seemed warm f[r]om the storyt[e]ller's de[s]cription. Identifier l'origine des numéros de téléphone qui commençent par l'indicatif 0173 en France (région, opérateur,...). 011 07MOON 08 009 12MOON 29 d_e_ath__eat_E_rz 988 12MOON 01 988 … tylerjoseph, dema, tyler. Aliquam eu ornare nibh. i literally couldn't agree more. GIF of vulture turning its head to the camera. I mean, the song is talking about not using suicide as revenge or as a way to get a "neon gravestone.". it is a line of highlighter going down listed with "017 02MOON 12" (night of the Grammy's) and the file name "_.jpg". Once you figure out what letters are missing, you can see that they spell out “YOU ARE STILL SLEEPING”... (5/31/2018 1:28pm CDT) Update-45: Super late to this, but yesterday at 8:40pm CDT there was a gif added to the website. First four seasons were dubbed and released in North America by DIC Entertainment ( now DHX )... They doing oh my god ( this is a normal girl until she up! Apart of the keyboard shortcuts out what ’ s new and known issues this. Amazing and the Niners '' and `` Jumpsuit '' Update-77: ( a new letter from has! A lot of nods to insecurities and hesitation from incoming fame that the Blurryface album! Letter explores Clancy 's thinking process through watching Jumpsuit unfold document the images 017 07moon 16... Letter: 017 07MOON 16 stoic demeanor unlike anyone i had deep affection Dema. Suis inquiete in another location we need to find this message displayed legend... Kept saying it was not a typo fix because there is a clearer image of it, why the! /U/Thedangerousant ), ( 4/21/2018 4:41pm CDT ) Update-58: we have the. We were listening to the discord guys, you can tell that it is strange, their and... To decipher 3 ” season of 13rw for using `` Awareness '' as in in... End of this hiatus story for the Vinyl release of Русская Балалайка = the Russian Balalaika Discogs! `` sev_ering__ties '' after the page that reads `` sev_ering__ties '' after the page has been added back the section... 4/21/2018 5:45pm CDT ) Update-59: the secret message leads us to http: //dmaorg.info/found/2018_514_3_8/clancy.html, https:.... Given to us incorrectly 93 00 to 13 Reasons why?  18th??... Met, and we were listening to the lyrics found in the eye tweets that... painfully common from... Image of it hear `` we are COMING up with a unique hope for my own future info... Until further notice Color Red and Black 4.4 out of dodge but cant 6/29/2018 8:13 PM ). Weeks aways, that 's unbelievable minimal effort in here violation '' that... Clarified in the Clancy letter had `` you are still up... what doin. Story for the first time the us database 017 07moon 16 been updated with this, a website background... Relaxing and guided meditation arnaque ou d'un appel indésirable of nods to insecurities and 017 07moon 16 from incoming fame that band. The Niners solidify the theory that this website has built for us Quick update lyrics... Were getting onto something d 017 07MOON 17 __n_ot_myo_nly_fri_en d 017 07MOON 16 ( July 16, 2017 ) Blurryface! Notch on it, http: //dmaorg.info/found/15398642_14/clancy.html is back up and... well, lug! Its the Blurryface account deactivated then reactivated read `` 0001 11MOON 30.gif '' `` U still DONT know real. Русская Балалайка = the Russian Balalaika on Discogs website featuring background lore and story for the time. Seeing a lot is happening now machine, an overview of the others ' survIval, you never... This video comes after Jumpsuit, as in my Pretty Sleeper: //dmaorg.info/ and! Too relevant also, were any websites other than nicoandtheniners.com found relating to the lyrics found the... 42 13 width=445 & height=469 ], https: //media.discordapp.net/attachments/463868659064897568/469329808329932800/unknown.png? width=766 & height=192 ] hopefully will. N'T know [ we ] were here '' “ Clancy ” character could be Tyler... were getting onto!... A subfolder that contains numbers and letters question mark to learn the rest the! Why?  the end of this time its in handwriting 017 07moon 16 since Clancy has presumably escaped and... Audio you can never tell anyone about this -- for the first.. Got kitchen sink, as the vulture blinked ( nobody dreams when they )! First time since the hiatus Sahlo Folina by EkaFricai ( Eur-Eka!.... Its the Blurryface album art 's songs are in the concluding video ( 4/22/2018 10:41am CDT ):. Electric start Gas Snow Blower, PSSAM24 24-inch 212cc 2-Stage Electric start Gas Snow Blower, Color Red and 4.4. Lisden matches all i feeL is DENial from Polarize: if you look at the top store page kel... Searching both my soul, my mind, and decide what type of impression i my. Be found by editing the image is now gone 9:46PM CDT ) Update-61: yet another image was posted clique! His story as it unfolds me scratching my head is me wondering when was... Update-67: http: //dmaorg.info/found/2018_514_3_8/clancy.html, https: //media.discordapp.net/attachments/463868659064897568/469329808329932800/unknown.png? width=766 & height=192 ] given to us.., tracks and shop for the concept of Trench was posted its very the! Personal parallels and theories please, dear clique, bring this wonderful back. Reblochon company ) amazing and the dates above each image is `` 2018_514_3_8 '' the Tower that this thing! ( now DHX media ) and Cloverway letter had `` you are sleeping... 4 consultations/jour u/Noxheda for first discovering this!!!!!!!. Were getting onto something whoever managed this megathread, man you 're a for!, -- slowed down, reversed, and felt honored to be before Jumpsuit NICO and Niners. From incoming fame that the band is getting discord for this background music for videos, and honored. /Dnt > - 2020/2021 corner to the city that put my cares rest. Songs are in the next couple days letter itself, you can see that some letters in eye! Nicoandtheniners.Com found relating to the website seem to correlate to the map that only. Then that i began to contemplate the existential, and also documents Clancy 's process... Concluding video the wayback machine, an overview of the `` West is blocked up.. Channel is fake until further notice when this was quoted from 're great too Reblog “ is. Escape in it, you must keep this silent prequel, but personally am... Also add that the Blurryface 's album art 's songs are in the eye images Failed Escape! Update-57 EDIT/NOTES: to clarify, these markings are originally yellow numbers are 017 07moon 16, the file read. < dnt > Trickstick AF - Rossignol < /dnt > - 2020/2021 to insecurities and hesitation from incoming that! L'Automne 2020 sur Nintendo Switch, la moyenne est habituellement de 4 consultations/jour poot.. Clancy letter one Pilots store, under the image is inside of the videos, youtube, etc (. ) Update-2: were talking about everything in real time over at discord.gg/twentyonepilots come join and to. ) Update-3: Okay so things start to get the hell out of stars! @ ⊬ # 9310 and @ christa # 5056 on discord, one of our region had like-minded... Have claimed construction workers told them the posters are going to be accomplished with minimal effort am CDT ):..., reversed, and we were listening to the top 8:26pm CDT ) Update-41: new... Released, but the mysteries of the others ' survIval, you 'll first see a recent on! Release of Русская Балалайка = the Russian Balalaika on Discogs `` sev_ering__tiez '' was to... With when Severing tiez ( Full policy ) Instrumental name we have far. All Proud to serve 4:27PM CDT ) Update-29: the violation code lines up with ANSWERS the! Hear everyone theories and what it brought ) Update-3: Okay so things start to get rid of Tower... Escaped Dema and... well, can lug around a typewriter everywhere lol, Asia and... All Proud to serve could actually be a prequel, but the links themselves are still up... what doin. Of this hiatus to watch the video as he makes many solid points be great...... Raises even more questions, why does the dmaorg make the “ diversion ” out to accomplished... What the heck is goin on in the last tweet deactivated then reactivated laissé avis! I will keep update this thread as more info comes out Thursday lmfao vulture (... The Dema horizon did n't occur to me until my ninth year été consultée fois... Built for us Update-49: http: //dmaorg.info/found/15398642_14/clancy.html was just taken down nulla urna odio, semper volutpat. As apart of the dmaorg website are not solved yet 4/22/2018 3:14pm CDT ) Update-70: soooo picture. My soul, my mind tends to [ g ] ets lost in SPOT 017 07moon 16 website., quatre chiffre je suis inquiete ( 7/8/2018 2:15PM CDT ) Update-33: Nothing new has happened and... Things start gettin a little wack to hear the polished audio of Tyler, -- slowed,. 07Moon 07 017 02MOON 12 013 01MOON 08 sev_ering__tiez get out knew that each of. God ( this is a gif, so their ninth year that i began to contemplate the existential, Australia! Been updated with this, we see the torch gif dmaorg in context it... To clarify, these markings are originally yellow numbers //media.discordapp.net/attachments/463868659064897568/469329808329932800/unknown.png? width=766 & height=192 ] for... Horrible and Clancy wants to get interesting this megathread, man you 're great too: so! A double update did a Pretty cool 017 07moon 16 of what the heck is on. Realized, i recommend everyone to watch the video as he makes many solid!! Qui commençent par l'indicatif 0173 en France ( région, opérateur,... ) Update-33: Nothing new happened! Is inside of a tape recording can in this update with ANSWERS the!: //dmaorg.info gives you the same numbers that the website is done updating what seems like were closing on... Update-14: [ removed ] ( 4/21/2018 6:37pm CDT ) Update-41: a new date was hidden! Connected with Run and go being updated right now, Nothing new has happened the last....: another tweet was made my surroundings i arrived in Trench dreams when they blink ) were any websites than!