Of course, alcohol is no elixir and it destroys all the antioxidants that your skin requires to stay young. Which isn't to say that I would minimize the effort that it would take someone who is used to these substances when trying to convert to Mormonism. Latter-day Saints are taught not to drink any kind of alcohol (see D&C 89:5–7). 3. While health benefits and other things come to those that abstain from drink, the world is not under the same covenantal obligations as Latter-day Saints. My purpose is only to help you to understand that, to a Mormon, the question is not what logical arguments there are for and against drinking alcohol. read more. This probably is one of the most fascinating bits of Strange Theology kicking around. The rest of the time, I'm riding dirt bikes or traveling the world taking pictures. Part of HuffPost Religion. Mormons fall off the wagon for various reasons and when they do, they are still welcome to attend meetings, but cannot qualify for a temple recommend until they are "clean" again. Your email address will not be published. I like to feel in control of my thoughts and actions. I’m skeptical as well, but I drink home beer and sima (which translates as mead), both of which have extremely low alcohol levels. If you want to understand the beliefs of Mormons, please visit Mormon.org. Grains are "the staff of life" and fruits and vegetables are to be eaten with "thanksgiving," though I've heard some strict Mormons interpret the Word of Wisdom to say that they should be eaten fresh only, in their season, and not dried, frozen, or canned. Mormons are taught not to drink any kind of alcohol (see D&C 89:5–7).Mormons are also taught not to drink “hot drinks,” meaning coffee or any tea other than herbal tea (see D&C 89:9), and not to use tobacco (see D&C 89:8). Consuming alcohol causes brain activity during sleep to happen in alpha waves. Drinking alcohol can cause the blood vessels near our skin to expand, causing redness in our complexion or a flushed appearance: this goes away when you stop consuming alcohol. President Oaks reminded Latter-day Saints that the command to abstain from alcohol was given to members of the Church in the 1830’s. Drink alcohol every day and you may notice yourself getting sick more often. Using an aggregate of our last six years of asking Americans about their drinking habits, we find a basic inverse linear relationship between drinking and church attendance. Yet, as members of the Church, we are too critical of people that choose to drink. I’m skeptical as well, but I drink home beer and sima (which translates as mead), both of which have extremely low alcohol levels. Many religions have strict health codes that make no sense to outsiders, but help the devoted feel closer to God by sacrificing a physical comfort. As I mentioned in the introduction, I’ve never drank alcohol. To me, that shows you’re someone who seeks to understand other people instead of simply judging them for being different than you. There are parts of the Word of Wisdom that are still under debate. We all know that resting on the couch isn't the same thing as getting a good night's sleep, so it's no wonder that people who drink regularly often feel tired and fatigued during the day. That's because alcohol reduces the effectiveness of the immune system, making you more likely to catch an infection, according to the Cleveland Clinic. It is our baptismal covenants that require us not to drink. It is also binds us culturally to other Mormons, who go through many of the same experiences that we do when outside of Mormondom. Chocolate of any kind. We also fast for 24 hours once per month, and we do our best to keep our bodies clean and healthful. Mormons don't drink alcohol of any kind. You can't hold certain callings or go to the Temple and you probably shouldn't be taking the Sacrament (bread and water) if you are actively engaging in drinking alcohol or smoking. When I was a missionary, I worked with hundreds of people who had never really prayed before and helped them to learn to communicate with their Heavenly Father. One serving of alcohol is defined by the 2015-2020 dietary guidelines for Americans as 12 fluid ounces of beer, 5 fluid ounces of wine, or 1.5 fluid ounces of 80-proof liquor (like rum or vodka). It's part of a revelation that the prophet Joseph Smith had called "The Word of Wisdom" which is part of Mormon scripture. 4. Anyway, I was reading over some LDS doctrine and happened across the "word of wisdom"; the part that says mormons can't drink or smoke anything fun. But one of the most significant predictors of drinking alcohol, and my interest in this column, is religion. While I was growing up, we had several coffee substitutes in our house, from "Postum" to "Pero," but I don't see many Mormons drinking them these days. And yes, that does mean your chances of getting viruses is higher, too. Alcohol is a depressant, which means that it slows your brain. Mormons believe that we have been commanded to abstain from alcoholic drinks.That being said, every Mormon is free to drink alcohol if they so desired, just as they are … 5. Hailie Deegan apologizes for use of slur in broadcast. You'll likely get a laugh out of them, and if they're a good bartender, they'll probably give you an awesome drink. However, every effort is put into providing accurate information in support of the church. Your email address will not be published. What happens next - in summary. Missionaries in particular have hilarious stories about people they are trying to convert with a language barrier between them and inadvertently ending up with some forbidden item being offered them by a well-meaning investigator. Once you quit drinking, these antioxidants make a comeback in your body, and you’ll see your skin transform. I personally dislike fruity alcoholic drinks because they’re generally using fruit to cover up the bad taste of whatever alcohol they’re using in it, and I’d rather have fruit juice or a smoothie. Frankly, it would be difficult for anyone to understand why Mormons don’t drink alcohol without understanding that we believe there is a living prophet today, Russell M. Nelson, who was called by God to reveal God’s will to us. These are great blessings that we take seriously, though I am not always convinced they are meant to be literal or physical. Definitely not okay: Alcohol, including wine and beer. Latter-day Saints are also taught not to drink “hot drinks,” meaning coffee or any tea other than herbal tea (see D&C 89:9), and not to use tobacco (see D&C 89:8). Or when it seems that habits are more important than worship of God. Generally, moderate alcohol consumption by a breastfeeding mother (up to 1 standard drink per day) is not known to be harmful to the infant, especially if the mother waits at least 2 hours after a single drink before nursing. You could put on some weight. Check out the "Related Links" below to learn more about Mormon beliefs and about their health code. One of the most courageous and amazing moments of my life was watching a friend pray again and again to be able to quit cigarette smoking so that he could be baptized into the church. Is it hard for me as a Mormon to avoid these substances? If you go to a pretty good bar, you can tell the bartender that you're new to drinking because you left a cult and ask for a pleasant introduction to alcohol that's not too strong. Though a few of the health practices we teach were considered by others outside the church during this time, they were far from common teachings. Alcohol’s impact on your body starts from the moment you take your first sip. The health risks of these habits have been known for at least half a century, but Mormons have avoided them much longer than that. Mormons have always been dead set against alcohol, except when they weren’t. Mormon don't smoke cigars, cigarettes, and they don't chew tobacco. Mormons do not drink alcohol. Read these amazing facts: “The number of cases of diabetes, leukemia, lymphoma, and cancer of the kidney, stomach, and bladder among Mormons are half that of the national average; the number of cases of lung cancer was 80 percent lower among Mormons…. I'm a non-practicing lawyer, husband and a father of three little kiddos. It condemns alcohol, tobacco and "hot drinks," which church leaders have subsequently described only as "coffee and tea." But although I don’t drink, I certainly don’t judge anyone who does. What happens if a Mormon drinks coffee? I'm Jim Harmer, and I'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Alcohol’s impact on your body starts from the moment you take your first sip. So, can anyone visit a temple? Heavy or high-risk drinking is defined as more than three drinks on any day or more than seven drinks a week for women and for men older than age 65, and more than four drinks on any day or more than 14 drinks a week for men age 65 and younger. I see depictions of Mormons on television and movies regarding our taboos about alcohol and coffee and they often make me shake my head and laugh. Whether you drink a lot or only once in a while, giving up alcohol may lead to changes in your body and mind. During an interview with Larry King in 2004, President Gordon B. Hinckley of the Mormon Church discussed the Word of Wisdom: And Here's What Happens To Your Body If You Drink Alcohol Every Day. Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. The Word of Wisdom's "strong drink" has been interpreted to mean any alcohol, including beer and wine. However, this very example does show that (1) God has throughout time commanded His people to follow certain dietary restrictions, and (2) God has at times changed those restrictions. It was dictated in 1833 by Mormon founder Joseph Smith and bars consumption of wine, strong drinks (alcohol), tobacco and "hot drinks," which have been defined by church authorities as tea and coffee. Mormons have been instructed through a revelation known as “the Word of Wisdom” to not drink coffee or tea. I am not writing this article to convince you to stop drinking alcohol or to suddenly believe in this prophet who you just heard of for the first time. If I’m going to have a drink, I want one where the type of alcohol tastes interesting and doesn’t need to be covered up. Do Mormons drink alcohol, tea, and coffee? Though there are certainly Mormons who think they are following a higher law when they avoid these substances and I'm not sure I've got great evidence to prove they're wrong. Doctrine and Covenants 89* So read over this and tell me if I'm I crazy, but it doesn't say THOU SHALL NOT DRINK ALCOHOL at all! I have a wide selection of herbal teas in my house, and sometimes have to remember that other Mormons don't necessarily do the same and may misinterpret me when I ask them if they'd like some tea. If you regularly knock back a few cocktails throughout the day, that … Actress Anne Hathaway said she gave up alcohol because she doesn't want to drink while her son is in her house. Researchers have shown again and again the negative side effects of drinking alcohol, smoking, and chewing tobacco, including diseases such as cirrhosis, pancreatitis, and many types of cancer. While Christians are happy to go around turning water into wine and drinking until they pass out naked in tents like Noah, Mormon scriptures specifically forbid all the most dangerous substances: alcohol, tobacco, and drinks slightly warmer than room temperature. I really appreciate you taking the time to research Mormon rules on drinking alcohol and for clicking on this article. Well it is now 100 percent official - Mormon's are allowed to drink coke and more specifically caffeine, just not tea or coffee. They didn’t understand, but they trusted in the revelation the prophet received from God. The dangers that come with being under the influence of alcohol should be common knowledge, and unfortunately far too many have felt the painful heartache that comes with tragic alcohol-related accidents. Wesleyans and Low Anglicans adopted an anti-alcohol stance back in the 1700s. Mormons will soon drink coffee! I don’t look down on others who drink at all, but it’s just a choice that I want to live by.   When a person drinks heavily, frequently, or for prolonged periods of time, their brain compensates for alcohol's depressant effects by releasing more stimulating chemicals (compared to when a person does not drink). This “Word of Wisdom” was canonized as a health code in the “Doctrine and Covenants,” which Mormons follow.The “health code” instructed Mormons (Latter-Day Saints) against the use of tobacco as well as consuming alcohol and hot beverages (tea and coffee. We are told to be a "peculiar people," and refusing coffee, tea, and alcohol is often a conversation starter. What are Mormon not allowed to do? In 1833, Joseph Smith, one of our earliest Church leaders, received a message from God called the "Word of Wisdom." This may seem surprising to some people, but I’m grateful that you clicked on this article to understand our beliefs better. (Isaac Hale/ For the TImes.). For me, it’s just about being the best person I can be. link to Should Prayers Be Memorized or in One's Own Words? Frankly, it’s not interesting to me. Since the Mormon religion forbids the consumption of alcohol, that would lead many people to think Lisa Barlow doesn’t drink. This goes back to the understanding that our bodies were created by God and should be taken care of in every way possible. Mormons who actively practice their faith will not drink alcohol. One could live a fairly normal Mormon life as a coffee or tea drinker. Mormons are to avoid harmful and addictive drugs, though these are not specified and are not meant to include prescription drugs of any kind, as long as they are used in accordance with a doctor's supervision and approval. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, also called the Mormon or LDS Church, is a Christian sect established in the 19th-century United States. Once swallowed, alcohol is rapidly absorbed into the blood and moves to all parts of the body, including to an unborn baby. I am not Mormon but my research has shown that: Mormons believe that they have been commanded by a 'higher power' to abstain from alcoholic drinks. This is hardly the worst of sins for Mormons, though. When I was in grad school, I was considered a little crazy with my insistence on sleeping eight hours a night, never drinking caffeine, and expecting to still get through. Assessment of drinking behavior per se and severity of alcohol dependence are both important, albeit somewhat non–overlapping phenomena. The LDS Church's health code, known as the Word of Wisdom, was issued in 1833 by Mormon founder Joseph Smith. 2. After a long day of doing photography as a group, they usually want to go to a bar to socialize. Well, we do have one of the lowest rates of lung cancer, though we also struggle with mental health problems for reasons that are not entirely clear. ©2021 Verizon Media. Alpha waves are generally only seen in brain activity when we're awake, but resting. Do Mormons drink alcohol, tea, and coffee? I served as a full-time missionary for the church in Brazil for two years, and have been active in the church all my life. I live in Star, Idaho with my wife and three kids. Purpose in Christ is where I share my faith with those who want to learn about Jesus Christ and the peace that only He can bring into their lives. Following a 25-year study among 10,000 Mormons, UCLA’s School of Public Health finally quantified the numbers in terms of overall life expectancy rates: Mormon women were living 5.6 years longer than the U.S. national female average, and Mormon men on average outlived other men in the U.S. by 9.8 years.” Source. While Christians are happy to go around turning water into wine and drinking until they pass out naked in tents like Noah, Mormon scriptures specifically forbid all the most dangerous substances: alcohol, tobacco, and drinks slightly warmer than room temperature. Again, some Mormons try to make sure they don't accidentally get tea in any other form, which can be more difficult than you might think now that green tea has become a "health food" and is sometimes added into other health items (including cold cereal). The truth is more complicated, and has been a long-running subject of debate among Mormons. Herbal teas. I want to follow God’s commandments as revealed in the Bible and through modern prophets so that I can be the best version of myself. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. If you know someone who is a Mormon and who doesn’t drink, the best advice I can give you is to simply not be weird about it. Should you eat before drinking? Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost's next chapter. Coffee is still a no-go for Mormons even if you call it caffe or mochaccino. However, it isn't an across the board answer. Through my own personal study and prayer years ago, I came to believe the prophet is called of God. Will the Next President Drink Coffee? Using an aggregate of our last six years of asking Americans about their drinking habits, we find a basic inverse linear relationship between drinking and church attendance. Are Mormons healthier than other Americans? Comedian Kathy Griffin said she's never been tempted by alcohol. Yes, of course. There are countless Bible passages showing that the disciples, and even Christ himself, drank wine. I believe most Mormons here do, and in fact sima was served at our wedding reception in the stake center with no raised eyebrows. LDS Expert. Former Citigroup chairman: How to bring unity to U.S. I love the smell of coffee and have occasionally indulged in coffee-flavored ice cream. Here are seven things that happen to you when you quit alcohol: 1. I'm afraid I am weary a lot after a race, though I enjoy them enormously, especially when I get to share them with my family. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. Not drinking alcohol is the safest option for breastfeeding mothers. Binge drinking is defined as four or more drinks for a woman within a two hour period, and five or more drinks for men within a two hour period, says Jung. My faith in Christ is the most important aspect of my life, and this blog is where I get to share my beliefs. 3. Purpose In Christ is owned and operated by Income School LLC. Yes, they did. Some of them struggled at first... Temples are often some of the most beautiful buildings in any city, and many people would like to visit them to see what they are like inside. For Mormons, this is our way of showing our devotion and if it has an added benefit to health, that's a bonus to me. Some celebrities say they don't drink alcohol or they've never had alcohol. This means that you're consuming over the 1 to 2 drinks per day for a woman and man, respectively. Utahns have a low rate of obesity, despite the fact that we buy more candy than any other state. We Mormons often find ourselves explaining to people why we can't drink alcohol, coffee, or tea and why we don't smoke. This chapter addresses the following issues: criteria for selection of biomarkers, traditional biomarkers, emerging biomarkers, use of biomarkers in combination, use of biomarkers in alcohol treatment research and clinical practice, and research needs. The Word of Wisdom promises us that if we follow it, we will "walk and not be weary" and "run and not faint" and that we will receive "great treasures of knowledge" and that "the destroying angel shall pass them by." I want to follow God’s commandments as revealed in the Bible and through modern prophets so that I can be the best version of myself. Should Prayers Be Memorized or in One's Own Words? I live in Star, Idaho where I attend my local congregation of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I own an online company where I create websites which are read by millions of people. It’s all about one decision we’ve each made to either believe or not believe in the living prophet. 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