Having trouble signing up? Whether you want to learn how to play piano for fun or you want to study at a more advanced level, private piano lessons are the best way to … The men and women at the cosmetics counter look sharp in tailored black clothing. Are you still concerned? next. Make-up lessons are not guaranteed and are strictly subject to available openings due to another student canceling their lesson. The Script. I can be proactive with whom I send the texts to when I have advanced notice and a little more time to play with. 4. Won’t bore you here with our makeup policy. The other thing that bothered me was that students would decide to leave for the Summer and I’d be stuck with less income. Despite your rescheduling policy, do you still have parents who don’t choose a rescheduled time and then expect you to find one for them? b. 20th Anniversary Piano Teaching Party – The Biggest Piano Event of 2020! What better way than to accommodate them? I’m interested in your opinion. I do have 3 groups lessons a year that I offer as makeups so I will definitely keep that option! Additionally, I will show you how to use it in your studio. Can you not understand a parent’s frustration? Make up lessons are definitely one of the most challenging things I have encountered as a private piano teacher, and this is the best solution I have come across in all my reading and conversations with other teachers. we should be using our creativity and ingenuity to find a solution! "Why Can't I Have A Makeup Lesson?" We will work on the fundamentals of singing – breath, focus, support, consistency in tone, diction. The description of parents concerns is helpful and the solution you suggest may prove helpful to many, but not all. I loved sneaking in pop songs played in cocktail or improvised pseudo-classical style. Thank you!!!! Thank you! I’ll email you if you would like or shoot me a message to the email I sent you this morning. It’s very handy! I appreciate your skills. There are a number of settings that we need to change on this page. We charge a yearly tuition Sept – June based on 38 weekly lessons. Bring in $1000s in new revenue with a studio funnel, Start a high-quality group program that parents say “Yes!” to, Scale your studio, make more, and in less time, This is interesting…. Note: Lessons may be booked up to 7 days in advance. In a completely separate calendar? … If you are one of the thousands of piano teachers looking at your list of cancelled lessons and wondering how you are ever going to deal with the fallout, take heart. Rescheduling: If another studio cancels their lessons it will posted on the Studio Calendar page. The truly great thing about this system is that it will work no matter what your policy is. C Piano Chord - Piano Chord Chart - 8notes.com. When parents need to reschedule a lesson, they look at available spots on the calendar. Here’s a question. What do you do if a customer came in with a shirt that clearly was from another store? Policy revised 030617 makeup cles have gone virtual and strict make up lesson policies « Home No Makeup Lesson Policy. I once worked in a private school (2800 students) and they had 5 piano teachers in their music department. You would need this information when you emailed them about a newly opened spot. Plus, they know that I really want to see their kids. When they find a spot, they email me with their selected time. If you are too busy to put aside time for regular piano classes or maybe your routine is just too big hectic for piano classes, DVD piano learning courses and on the internet piano lessons provide you with the good thing about being instantly available if you employ a short while to train. Learning to play piano in your spare time sounds difficult but with the right tutorials you’ll be able to pick it up in next to no time. I went to a no-make up lessons policy (EXCEPT for inclement weather and one summer lesson) and I still find it very hard to say no, especially if a student misses several lessons in a row. There are no refunds or credits for any missed lessons; To be eligible for a makeup, 24 hours notice is required for cancellation of a lesson. Nordstrom is a premium brand. However, group lessons solves tons of problems. Others who have jobs that don’t allow them to get on line or answer texts at a heartbeat wind up losing the open spots because they aren’t quick enough! Nordstrom is playing the long game. See more ideas about Piano teaching, Teaching music, Piano lessons. $15 for a 30 minute lesson, but the first lesson is free! Makeup lessons will not be given for ANY reason. Metropolitan Academy of Music in Bellevue, WA 98007 Say NO to makeups! I would hope not, since I’d like to be able to look at a calendar at 2pm or so to see, at a glance, who is actually coming to lessons that afternoon. Whatsapp. Facebook. Parents have to commit to a year’s worth of lessons. Yes, it is difficult to fill “last minute cancellations”. Available lesson times get scheduled by our students quickly. My current policy is as long as I get 24hrs notice then I will reschedule. A parents trying to cram in “owed” makeups at the end of the session / school year? c. The fact that I am so proactive about it contributes to the sense of service that parents get from me. So much easier than offering times, waiting for a response, having to offer more times, etc. I will email you with other questions if I have any. This one surprised me. In today’s post I reveal my lesson rescheduling system. A quick search on Google tells me that most full-time private teachers have a strict No-Makeup-Whatsoever policy when lessons are cancelled by the students. This is pretty self-explanatory. They practice all the time and NEVER dream of cancelling on me. Apr 10, 2018 "Specific wording of the steps and tips." I don't have time to find it in a collection or something containing songs I already have, or to wait for the Post Office to deliver it to me. Weekdays. I work in 4 Saturday mornings that are “make-up dates” throughout this school year. I don’t allow makeups for “no call / no shows”. My “makeup list” explodes in February where I live because it seems like we have horrific snowstorms every year at that time. Well, read more below or take the information rich “The Best Stress-free Business Practices for Your Studio” online workshop. I may be saying “NO” to make-ups for these, but this year was pretty experimental with this, so if asked I will probably oblige the family until I put it in my policies. I gave 14 heavy-duty tactics for increasing your lessons requests in my Facebook guide. I’m assuming you have a Google account (either for Gmail, Google+, or Gmail). It does cost me $12.99 a month but I put this against my tax. The reasoning behind this policy is that the teacher is scheduled to be present for the student’s lesson at a specific time. They know that over the long run, they are making a high profit margin because they are offering premium service… while charging premium prices! Thanks. And, even if they did, all they would see is a bunch of information that has no context. I like to insert myself in the process that way. However, I do have a thought… and bear with me. Piano Lessons - Beginner to Early Intermediate Piano lessons for beginners to early intermediate players. What you'll accomplish. If the open slot was an undesirable spot, I might even put pressure on the family and tell them that if they go ahead and make this change that it will be a permanent time switch and that they can switch back next semester which is only “eight weeks away”. Do you have a swap list? Going to be out of town? If I have to engage a sitter for a time that’s open or not normally filled, then I’m paying extra, especially if I wouldn’t otherwise need a sitter. I have a question: What if your schedule is completely booked? Most parents forget about missed lessons after a month or two. Thank you SO MUCH for this! You can simply show up at one of the make-up times indicated below. People might even quit. Shauna does not offer makeup lessons and or refunds for lessons cancelled by students. Makeup Schedule. Is it possible with one piano Daniel? Look at it from the parent’s perspective. I’m considering that next year I will “offer” make-up lessons only if another student cancels their lesson slot in advance. Or do you wait for someone to cancel and then update the schedule as an open spot for make-ups? I am amazed that you get people to cancel in advance! There are definitely exceptions to ALL of these things! Most I know don’t have large studios but have limited teaching time available 2-3 days a week. A: No, you do not need to call and notify us if your child cannot attend their regular group piano lesson. But I want to approach it in the right way so as not to upset anyone. When they would text or call with a cancellation, I would just tell them to log on to my website. 21st Century Piano Lessons – Video Chat Make Up Lessons. I love making my families happy and delivering a quality service and this has really helped. The 3PM – 6PM time is prime time for children because most children are available at that time. If you arrive early, you may wait in room 125. It’s liberated me to not feel guilty about it. It sounds like it might be very specific to your account settings in Google. You will increase your free time, and decrease the amount of lessons that you have to reschedule into family or personal time. Learn how to play No Make Up (노메이크업) by Zion.T on the piano! are all choices. I really can’t overemphasize how that simple psychological shift changes the balance of power. The student forfeits the lesson? Once you’ve done that, click “Make TinyURL!” You now have a pretty version of that link! Here’s the important thing… Don’t text them and ask them if they can come at “such and such” time!!!!! If you open the door an inch, it’s easy for people to want the door open wider. I haven’t found a good solution for those of us who are limited to smaller blocks of teaching time or small studios. Thanks for the blog post! I have been wanting to do this for years and I have been doing lots of research, so I’m excited that the timing is finally right! If the instructor misses a lesson we will provide a makeup lesson during the session. Typically, if I’m that full… it means that there is a lot of money coming in. I use initials or nicknames for reminders. What I like to do is create a calendar for the entire school year and present it to families in August, and I post this information on my studio website for reference. I teach Tues/Wed/Thurs. Well….your policy really works well for the families that are joined at the hip to their smart phones and tablets, etc. I’m just curious whether you’ve encountered a similar glitch/problem with any parents and how you would recommend fixing it. In the last year, my school has grown and I now have 6 other tutors and two locations. Everyone else missed 3 or 4 lessons (with a few over-scheduled kids missing 7 or more!). Therefore, this benefits everyone. Feb 11, 2017 "Wonderful resource for substitute teachers." If a teacher was out sick, it wasn’t “weird” at all for a teacher to pick up a makeup lesson for a different teacher. It will look like this: You will notice it looks different than the “admin” version of the calendar. And I love that each teacher can decide for themselves. September 27, 2016 at 10:03 am. What about when a child wakes up sick that morning? Q: As an adult can I still learn piano? Missed a private lesson, going out of town, or want to get a jump start on your lessons? The navigation bar link is actually the private admin link. There are lots of things you can do that way including some of these games: https://composecreate.com/long-distance-piano-lesson-games/, I’d definitely offer this as an option. Typically, make-up lessons take place at an alternate time/day within the week. I estimate that I was spending 2-3 hours per week on the phone. And might even help alleviate some of the issues I was having with having them have to log on themselves. In one scenario, sales people were instructed how to deal with customers attempting to return merchandise. This is the most important setting, actually. Use this calendar for scheduling makeup lessons. I have found while I am a very understanding and flexible person, the more strict I have become over the years the more people respect me. I think that when I accept a student into my studio I need to know how much I’m going to earn from teaching that student. Violin & Viola Group Make Up Sessions. But, we also need to change a few settings so that other people can see it (i.e., your students). You have to spell it out. If they overscheduled their child, it was clear that I was not the reason they were 3 lessons behind. This is what others will see. I will delay the new kid until that spot has been taken up. The first part of this two part describing motivations and triangulation is thought provoking. Some try however. Preferred method of payment is credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover) and will be automatically billed on the first calendar day of each month. I can create the new calendar just fine, and then ‘save’ it but then the only option after saving it is to ‘return to calendar’ – which takes me back to my regular calendar! Thanks. Makeup lessons with me will be fun, informing and rewarding. Availability. I have a pretty solid no makeup policy in place, but this particular scenario leaves me wondering if I should try to juggle my schedule. You're ready to learn piano. A growing number of teachers make it their policy never to give make up piano lessons unless they are the ones that cancel lessons. I have room for multiple children in those slots. Of course, if there is an emergency situation we would love to chat to you about how we can support you. I have one parent who must have an alert for everything! I used to offer make-ups, and limited them to 3 per year, but this meant about 100 make-ups per year! The group text wouldn’t work for me. There’s nothing so frustrating as that. Make-up lessons are not guaranteed and are strictly subject to available openings due to another student canceling their lesson. According to Wiki Invest, Nordstrom made a gross profit of $5.77 billion in 2015. Should 2 people arrive at once, I will teach the one whose lesson is normally at that time. This will work a little bit differently in my studio because I have group classes. Some people just don’t use technology as much . 2. A quick search on Google tells me that most full-time private teachers have a strict No-Makeup-Whatsoever policy when lessons are cancelled by the students. Lesson Policies for 2021 The Cherry Hill Academy of Piano & Guitar (856) 662-6855 Flat Monthly Fee Auto-Pay: All lessons are billed automatically on the 2nd day of each I have several families in my studio that are 4 weeks ahead because they haven’t missed lessons or I made up the missed lesson. The goal is to put the onus on parents. I started my music school in Brisbane Australia in 2015, however, I have been teaching for around 7 years. Excellent… I’ve only worked with you a short time, but I can already feel a huge momentum shift in your studio! I put the ball in their court. star_border info close. When constructing a makeup lesson system, I wanted to keep my customers in mind. For planned absences, p lease give me notification of cancellation as soon as it is set. Simply Sign-up for one of our free group makeup lessons! I preserve everyone’s privacy by not including names on the calendar. And, I think that this will even cause a few teachers to reconsider their “no reschedules”  policy. They will not be able to edit the calendar. I can do unlimited reschedules because parents know that at any time they can go online, look at the online scheduler, and reschedule their makeup lesson. SGD1500 for Advanced Professional Makeup (10 x 3-hour lessons for class of 4-8 people.) Parents let go of a lot of missed lessons. Or during cold and flu season. Piano lessons are held in room 127. There are many available makeups each week, as indicated by the terms “1 spot” or “2 spots.”. There are a number of other things that you can do, but it’s best talked about in person. And I know my parents appreciate it, but at this point, I might as well just teach during my own time off because I am spending that time texting and calling as it is! I’m just saying you should never miss an opportunity to show that your value is more than just as a music teacher. Remote lessons. Now, I have a very strong sense of justice and fairness. If there are no empty slots in the calendar (which is rare), I will punt it forward to a future week. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post! Payment: Tuition is $101.50 per month. I assume then that you are not covering the material that you would have covered at their normal lesson… correct? It lets them see that I really AM booked! I like to give them first dibs at my open spots and this leads to my other HUGE problem with implementing this: 2)There are some families/students who are just JOYS to work with and teach! It was simple and low stress. If there is a bad enough winter, it may take longer due to multiple student makeup’s. I was thinking about doing maybe 2 makeup days a month and I could use this calendar to send to parents, I love the idea of them being able to pick a time and I think they would really likethat. I feel that illness is the biggest reason I want to allow make ups for. (It goes without saying that all of us give make-ups when we, the teacher, cancel the lesson.) CONGRATULATIONS! Students can reschedule for whatever reason at any time – provided I have “the night before” notice. You have the right to a day off too! Ad Saved to My List. Make up lessons will be given for lessons cancelled at least 24 hours in advance. Say you currently have an unsold weekly opening ex: Thursdays 6:00 – if a student schedules a makeup in that time spot three weeks hence, what do you do if you enroll a new student in that Thursday 6:00 spot? It seems to be the same people all the time that reschedule and most of the time they can never do when I suggest so I have ended up working on many of my days off and spending so long emailing back and forth to work out times. Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2021, All Rights Reserved to ComposeCreate, LLC, “Have You Forgotten What It’s Like to be a Child?”, “Best Stress-Free Business Practices for Your Studio”, “Marketing, Taxes, Business Entities, Liability for the Piano Teacher”, My First Rhythm Cup Explorations Accompaniment Tracks Only, Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations Accompaniment Tracks, Rhythm Menagerie, Manipulations, Cups Tips, Rhythm Manipulations Accompaniment Tracks. Everybody has to pay the same annual tuition now. I truly hope you could help me with these issues. 4. Home. Mon: Tues : Wed: Thur: 3:50: 4:35 : 5:20: 6:05: 6:50: 7:35: Weekend. Last week we had the same weather situation, plus 4 students were sick. This article details the way teachers and students can use the internet and video calls to conduct piano lessons when they otherwise may not be able to take place. We didn’t hire people who wouldn’t do things the way we asked. The best solution I found so far regarding requests for makeup lessons from piano students parents or “skipping” the class without payment, is to NOT OFFER MAKEUP LESSONS and have it outlined in a clearly written studio policy, (with the exception of the piano teacher has to reschedule the lesson, then makeup lessons are negotiable). For a studio with single lessons only (like I used to do)… I would either make them tack on to the END of my schedule (since it was only for a month). All makeup and materials will be provided during the class. Some parents can’t access my calendar. The Studio Policies page outlines the responsibilities and expectations for all piano students taking lessons at Boulder Piano Lessons. I will try immediately get them to reschedule. Although sadly I don’t think it would work for my situation because I have 20 teachers schedules in which they will schedule their time here at the studio. Our in-person and online lesson offerings include guitar, piano, voice, bass, drums, ukulele, and music production as well as a variety of group programs, classes, and camps. I factor these lessons into my tuition so it works out. I was actually a little upset that it took me so long to come up with it. You have hit the nail on the head in identifying why! Have you tried a swap list? Before the change, parents talked with a sense of entitlement about makeups and reschedules. Enter your link into this box and enter an alias below: For instance, you could call your link “StudioCalendar” or some other friendly name. I will quote one of the best blog posts that I’ve read on the topic of piano makeup lessons. Your teacher may be able to help you prepare for performances or music exams, improving both your confidence and your chance of successfully achieving your goals. It only takes a minute. On the flip-side of this…if you are an adult student who puts in 1.5-2x the daily practice time required, and WOULD consider the make-up lesson a priviledge and make sure you got there on time, is it still not recommended for the teacher to offer you a make-up lesson? Your tuition solution doesn’t work in my case. Spice up bland … I was calling parents, emailing parents, and playing phone tag. Thank you Daniel! Having said that, I was finding I just didn’t have enough open spots for all of the people who wanted them! This breakthrough piano lesson program sets a new standard in music education and presents the possibility of a new era in self-expression through music. Then I can hand it off to someone else. There is still strain on a teacher when they are giving up what might normally be time for other things for an extra lesson, but again each teacher can decide what works best for them and their students. When parents contact me for a makeup lesson, I send them my permanent link to the calendar. I instruct them to bookmark the link. Daniel, Piano teachers have the right to refuse to reschedule a class after a cancellation. Make Up Master Classes: SIGN-UP for next MC. There is still a way to use this tactic. My old rescheduling system could not handle this increased demand. I’ve heard many teachers say, “Well, I can throw in a load of towels or something during that student’s lesson time.” But we all know that when someone doesn’t come for their lesson, the following happens: So by the time we send a student out the door, our 30 minute slot that we thought we had open is now less than 15 minutes. (I used to do them for free on a Sunday periodically. I am however stricter with the people who take advantage. I am very experienced with makeup, but not only with makeup, with skincare as well, so you will not only be learning how to apply makeup, the best and the worst type of makeup brands and what enhances your make up, you will also be learning how to take care of your skin as well. Second, Everyone knows just to pay the flat amount. Just put together my Makeup calendar last night, and I already used it this morning! I have tried to find my own calendar in public Google searches. This is a great solution to the perennial makeup problem! I would recommend creating a unique calendar for each teacher. It is possible if you are proactive about emailing everyone who needs a makeup lesson when one comes open. As you can imagine, I field a lot of requests for reschedules and makeup lessons. You are making mom and dad’s lives easier by offering convenient and stress-free customer service. However, most parents tend to try to schedule closer to the time. No, I’m not talking about hype or sleazy self-promotional emails. This policy treats everyone equally which I have a teeny bit of problem with because truly it is those families that I truly like to show my appreciation to. info close. I think this may rescue me! Premium service = Premium prices and fantastic loyalty. I have marked them on this handy (but long) graphic! Implementing this entire system will take less than an hour. So 5 week months, vacations and holidays are calculated into that. If I ever have to miss lessons (I went on vacation a lot last year) or if I get sick… I will just point parents towards that “extra” day. Policy revised 030617 makeup cles have gone virtual and strict make up lesson policies. No shows or failure to notify the school/teacher within 24 hours is considered a forfeited lesson. For the same day cancellations as long as I create an open spot – I can do a group text and let them all work it out on their own! “this is your allocated time”. In early 2010, my studio size increased from 50 students to 70 students. Makeup Lessons. You raise some good points. There is an “ice” warning for this evening and tomorrow AM. Hall Of Fame. Yes! Do you see any potential problems with having first names visible to everyone? How to book: Contact form on website I’m still happy, though, because make-up lessons used to fill me with dread and worry and anxiety and now that’s totally gone! First I want to thank you for your new blogs. :-/. I enjoyed playing for twenty hours each week. Learn music the fun way at Sunburst School of Music in Pittsburgh! Next Post → 23 thoughts on “The Secret to Saying No and Enforcing a No Make Up Lessons Policy” Anita E Kohli. Well, I wanted to make it convenient and free of hassles. I do billing in an interesting way. Think we need to place a high value on our time. Can she have her Tuesday 4:00 spot back in May? It’s counter-intuitive… but by being looser with your policy, you actually are preventing more fights. (in relation to that, in the description re: google calendar, is it possible to set the time slots to 45 minutes, or just 30 or 60 minutes? This system has increased customer happiness, reduced teacher-parent conflicts, and reduced my admin and teaching time. Piano Lessons for Every Goal. Required fields are marked *. 2) I have implemented the “3 free lessons per year” policy, a policy which I had heard about on a piano teachers FB group. 3. Genres: Pop. If you really want these 5 things to happen, then definitely give makeup lessons! This skips the emailing back and forth. * If you cannot do the makeup the week that you miss the lesson, you could double up on a future week. Hi Daniel, Guitar & Ukulele Group Make Up Sessions. And you could end up with an entry level student and an intermediate student in the same shared lesson time. Peggy, that sounds great. Thanks Daniel. It takes me about 15 minutes to settle into a book and I certainly can’t workout for less than 45 minutes. When they find a spot, they email me with their selected time. Without a 45 minute time slot, it would be difficult to indicate the actual times available. It wasn’t weird at all. LEsson cancellation policy. This will save you a bunch of time in the future. If you don’t have a Google account, take 1 minute to make one. Parents stopped chasing me down for scheduling the makeup lesson. Wasn’t sure where to put this one in, so I will include here: On the last day of your teaching week, send out an email explaining the change in how the makeup lesson will be rescheduled. The FEELING of control is actually more important to parents than actually getting their makeup lessons. Daniel Patterson is a private teacher, writer, and marketing consultant for music schools. I begin this section by stating that – at one time or another – I exhibited most of these attitudes. I know that’s somewhat complicated, but it works. Like many parents, I pay in advance for lessons each term. Metropolitan Academy of Music in Bellevue, WA 98007 Only these people will be able to see your calendar. Wi-Fi Waiting Room. And that people who are NOT currently logged into Google are just seeing the calendar as you are intending it… but those who are logged in are actually being redirected to their own calendars. I value students’ individuality and personality and work hard to achieve student satisfaction. No other activity or sport had such a simple solution. Since implementing the stricter policy, I have had parents who request multiple lessons off (usually for 3-week vacations) and complain about the policies and claim that our school now only cares about the money. How does that apply to giving a makeup lesson? Those other activities schedule groups of children or teens. Being nice to parents and not wanting to upset them so they won’t leave ultimately doesn’t really work, does it! Piano Tuner. Experiment with beats, melody, harmony, basslines, and song structure in your web browser. Rather, I would copy and paste the same generic text offering a makeup to maybe 10 or 20 people. Report Ad. The following two tabs change content below. These are real concerns for the piano teacher. The Piano Teacher was founded in 2011 to meet the increased demand for online resources for piano teachers in Australia and across the world. After changing those settings, there is one more settings menu we need to visit. When I first started out, I offered unlimited rescheduling with no cancelation policy, and it was bedlam! Certainly a few here and there are doable for many teachers and many teachers will decide to offer them on a case by case basis. That’s because of the structural impossibility of offering it. More to come…but I’m super glad to hear that you experience less stress because of the no makeups policy!

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